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People don't know what's right or wrong when it comes to nutrition. I have lived as a strict vegetarian for over sixty years. In this period of time I have seen the "progressive degenerative diseases of civilization" increase in diversity and intensity from RARE to COMMONPLACE! I can remember well the first time I heard of leukaemia when I was just a boy. It was in a news bulletin on the radio: "Comedian Red Skelton's son has been taken into hospital with an extremely rare blood disorder called leukaemia, for which there is no known cure!!" Now, is there anyone out there who hasn't had a friend or relative die of the disease? Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, these once rare diseases have become endemic in every corner of the world. Plot a graph showing the increasing use of chemicals in agriculture, and food preparation, and the consequential pollution of our total environment by highly toxic particles in the atmosphere, water supplies and in the soil, now including GMOs, since the start of the industrial revolution, and the rise in the variety and complexity of the progressive degeneritive illnesses, and you will get two parallel lines in your graph rising gradually at first until today, when they will be climbing vertically! I regard most of the foods for sale in shops and supermarkets unsuitable for human consumption. I read labels very carefully before I buy food. If they contain any additive which I consider unsuitable, I return the item to the shelf. Often I phone the Company and tell them what I think of the chemicals in their product, and that I have been able to buy a similar product with a good shelf life, texture and flavour but minus the poisonous chemicals! GM is also heavily involved in the depreciation in the numbers of Bees. This fact should always be mentioned at the same time when addressing the problem of environmental damage by chemicalization. Residual amounts of pharmaceutical drugs used in human illness as well as that of farm animals, must now be regarded as a major threat to the general environment, and the food chain in particular. Today I shifted 1 ton, 7 hundredweight in my work-out with barbells. Not bad for an 80 year-old vegetarian featherweight who hasn't had a bottle or pill from any doctor or chemist in well-over sixty years! SAY NO TO POISONOUS CHEMICALS IN FOOD, PARTICULARLY GENITICALLY MODIFIED PLANTS AND SEEDS. KEEP GM POISON OUT OF UK AGRICULTURE! Thanks, Bernard Rosenberg. (Strict follower of the Naturopathic way of life) Special advice to UK and ALL EU farmers: Very soon there will be a colossal demand world-wide for NON-TOXIC organically grown food as more and more people realise the futility of fighting illness from poisoned agriculture, with poisonous medicinal drugs.

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