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  • florida
    Scott Adams

  • power_fist
    Daniel Carter

    A student of the universe. A teacher on this planet. Pro-medical freedom. Peaceful warrior. A threat only to those who threaten or hurt others.

  • breast_cancer
    Jan Vajda

    Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe,

  • keep_calm
    Karen Simmons
  • coexist
    Ben Ian Mitchell

    My Name is Ben Mitchell, 15 years examining hate and I found that synthetic telepathy (Stockholm Brain Institute) has been used on the innocent. Stop This!!!!!!

  • Tina Pozzie-Granstrom

    I am a passionate, intense individual with a strong desire to see justice served. When I see someone's rights being taken away or denied I get very upset.

  • florida
    Childrens Rights Florida

    The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents! JOIN US~~>