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I Support A Citizen Class Action Lawsuit Against The Irs

We MUST SUPPORT OUR Brave USA VETERAN Heros WHO SUPPORT & FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM > STOP amnesty & benefits & tuition for Illegals, Stop Obamacare ! Enforce our Constitutional Immigration Policies, Enforce Elections Integrity for US Citizen Taxpayers with Photo ID. Resign,Null & VOID ALL 8 years of President Obama's Lawless, Liberal Executive Orders and the Senate & Congress who FAILED to STOP his Tyranny & Treason. Impeach Indict & Imprison ALL Corruption Coverup War Crimminal Committees, Including: Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Lerner, Sebilious, Susan Rice, Jay Carney. Completely Abolish the IRS>

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