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64 yr.old,caucasian male,amatuer historian,coin collector,retired,partially disabled,widower,amatuer activist.

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End Gendercide Now

I am asking, no ,demanding that the Bronx D.A. upgrade the charges from manslaughter to murder for the two young men who attacked and beat to death a homeless man as he slept on the steps of a church in the Fordham section of the Bronx. Their excuse,the man had supposedly slapped their dad in the face. I don't for one minute believe that story,but even if it were true,I don't believe it was a death penalty offense. If the Bronx DA doesn't deal harshly with these miscreants it will send a message that the homeless are fair play far anyone who feels like taking their aggression out on another human being. The homeless are just people like ourselves who nave fallen on hard times. The great Sly Stallone was homeless and living in the NYPA terminal when he wrote the script for Rocky.Please join me in demanding that these men be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No Deals for murderers. Thank You from my heart,David E.Ziefle

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