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Keep Coal Waste Out Of Our Waters

As a lover of earth's natural beauty, a kayaker and person who enjoys seeing unspoiled bodies of water, AND a believer of man's deleterious effect ON nature and our environment- I am passionately committed to doing anything I can to make the situation better, for us and for future generations. Anything we can do to keep ALL harmful waste, trash, chemicals, etc.- from our waterways and natural places- I think we SHOULD do. Also, spreading the word about causes such as the fragility of our surroundings AND water- in ALL of it's forms- is a good thing. Doing river cleanups in my area has shown me the TREMENDOUS amount of trash- incl. FAR too many plastic bags, foam/styro take-out containers and plastic chapsticks, lighters, drink containers and other forms of wasteful packaging that are all part of our 'throwaway society' detritus, and all of this waste needs to be addressed. The fact that MUCH of this waste is made from petrochems- that's OIL baby- which is so precious now and needs to be conserved- and used efficiently- NOT for packaging that does NOT decompose and is seldom recycled- are ALL issues that NEED to be addressed- and ALL of you out there HAVE A VOICE and can ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING if you USE it! Deny the MYTH of POWERLESSNESS!! That is my new slogan. For instance- don't take a plastic bag when shopping- use a reusable one, and show folks where you stand. Don't buy coffee in foam cups, refills in your OWN cup are cheaper too! Even takeout! Ask them for a greener alternative. Don't buy things with excessive packaging. You 'vote' with every dollar you spend!! Buy local, support local farms, and know where your food comes from. Is it trucked thousands of miles, or do your greens say, come from nearby or even from the USA? Don't buy on price ALONE!! When you buy from Wal-Mart, US jobs go overseas never to return! Quality is always cheaper in the end anyway. BUY American & save a JOB.

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