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Close Down 'soldiers Deserve To Die' Page On Facebook.

All through the families of both Bobby and mine (and Bobby served in the US Marines), we have members who risked their lives to keep our country free, unlike the one with dictators and tyrants who rule other countries now. One can see just by videos and by hearing the news how sweet the taste of freedom is when you listen to the stories of those that are in bondage. There are countries that depress their people, that use them as slaves, human shields and will not allow the population to have free speech nor are they even able to leave their countries to have better lives elsewhere! We have fought the Nazi's and after that, the Communists and after that the Islamists of whom we are still at war with and who have murdered thousands of our people here in the US and abroad plus, perhaps millions of their own and others. Our soldiers were always on the front lines with their lives and anyone who has the audacity to say this, should be the first to step into their shoes and fight against sheer evil themselves. Let them experience the FEAR and PAIN and the after affects for those who are lucky to stay alive and come back with disabilities! This FB page is not a matter of "Freedom of Speech", it is a matter of "Morbid Discrimination" upon those who are cowards and traitors. We have to stand by our own soldiers, for if not for them, who would be there to save this country from falling into the hands of totalitarians and dictators; into the ways of rulers who are authoritarians and societies that are sincerely oppressed and treated inhumanely! If we do not speak out against this insanity where some have the gaul to say "Soldiers Deserve to Die", then WHO WILL STOP THESE PERVERTS?! Let your voice of dissent against this, SPEAK OUT and NOW! This is treasonous language and it is coming from those who have never served our country and don't care about anyone but themselves. It takes guts to stand up and it's long overdue, the time to make our voices heard that these people who deride our soldiers are misfits of society and their rhetoric needs to be expunged! T Thank you for reading this. If we don't stand together as a nation, we will fall! Don't allow this to happen! You CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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