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Get South Korea To Stop Burning Dogs And Cats Alive

There were dogs that saved people's lives when earthquakes felled whole villages, towns and cities. Dogs saved lives when there were avalanches and even fires to battle. They have been used for helping soldiers with PTSD, for those with various medical disorders such as Epilepsy; for helping the ill overcome illnesses and the old from being lonely. They have saved children from drowning, and are used by millions as seeing-eye dogs or those special dogs who partner up with the local policemen on their beat. Dogs are a part of families. They grow up with the babies and are there as they turn into adolescents. Dogs protect humans and give them love that humans are incapable of giving others, especially to humans. Anyone who can console themselves in the fact that dogs are nothing but "meat" can also go as far as murdering human beings for their "tasty meat as well" and should be considered uncivilized and barbarous just like CANNIBALS and ISIS (the Radical Islamic Barbaric Muslims in the Middle East!) With so many in this world that are afflicted with various medical conditions that could use dogs as aids and guides, there should not be a problem with giving these canines to them! There is no reason under any decent mentality to do this to these innocent dogs and the entire society as a whole definitely needs a REVAMPING OF MORALITY MENTALITY. IT CAN BE DONE TOO! This is what being "civilized" means and those countries and ideologies that are barbaric can also choose to change their ways if they so choose to and we are running into an OVERLOAD OF BARBARIC CULTURES that humanity DOES NOT NEED!!! In the meanwhile STOP THE CRUEL SLAUGHTER OF DOGS IN S. KOREA!

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