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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

When I was a young man twenty years of age I served as a combat infantryman in Viet Nam. We were fighting two enemies, the NVA (North Vietnamese army) and the Viet Cong, (South Vietnamese sympathizers with their cause). I wondered what would make such a large percentage of a populace, (the Viet Cong) favor a communist form of government over a democratic republic. I eventually came to the conclusion that perhaps the government of the democratic republic was so transparently corrupt that it made communism (which generally appeals to a poor and oppressed populace anyway) seem a better choice. Now if you will, fast forward forty-five years, look at our government, and ask yourself whose pay and benefits deserve to be cut first? Those of our servicemen and women that place their lives on the line to defend our nations constitution, or the (largely but not all) corrupt group of politicians that are supporting the charge to fundamentally change our country by disregarding the same constitution that has served this country so well for so long?

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