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  • child_abuse
    Lynn Joplin

    I am a very careing,,loving,and giving person,,that loves all people,,(that are good people) ,,hmmm? well,all people,,,,but is very hard for me,,to love Evil people,,but they say,,I Must do this....yes...turn the other cheek,,,but a defenseless animal? to HARM,,HURT,,KILL? Ohhhhhhhhhhh,,I just do not understand this?....I love ANIMALS,,NATURE,,,FLOWERS,,,,I just adore the simplenes,,,that the Lord provided us with,,,nothing more,,,,this is how it should be,,,Just be Happy with what the Lord handed to us....Why do sooo many people be GREEDY? ...Makes no sense to me,,nope,,,,,I will never understand Greed,,,and Hurting the Innocent,,wether it is a child,,Adult,,or animal,,,,,does not matter,,WHY,,do the do this? I will never,,,understand......