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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

C > As a Grassroots ​C​ampaigning group​, WE ARE -​ committed to building ​C​itizen ​P​ower across I​NDIA​,in an effective and innovative way & Are We​ going strong in our ​INDIAN ​MISSION f​or​ ​D​evelopment​ ? Please write your VIEWS on www. We ​Request​ YOU,​to engage ​ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS & RELATIVES​, to hold ​C​orporate, ​C​ultural and ​G​overnment leaders ​ACCOUNTABLE​, to ​B​uild a ​P​rogressive Indian society. Science, technology and all IIT's, IIM's IISc, CSIR, etc etc have no meaning for these 638,000 villages and the 900 million population there. Just think about these realities, and if possible stay and work with villagers for a few months, so that one​ CAN​ understand the FACTS​, ​ ​FIRST HAND​ and in ​R​eal ​T​erms. Having hopes is one thing... and realizing a NEED is a totally different thing. OUR OPINION is that, ​The so-called "Make in India" affair is NOT (NOT) the answer ... for it would only help the Giant​ Business Houses​, and ​NOT​ the ​C​ommon ​B​usiness groups, and our neighborhood workshops and carpenters, or even a plumber (who number at more than 80% of all our businesses and professions). We have our own Experiences of the entire Indian Administrative INEFFICIENCY and "​S​ahib ​C​ulture" (from a village office to the PMO ) NOW - * WHY is MODI, Prime Minister, keeping QUIET... Are We​ going strong in our INDIA MISSION of Development ?? ==========->> We are committed to continue working for the people of India, Please write your VIEWS on www. Let’s stay connected and spread awareness about WOMEN & CHILDRENs SAFETY and Educate ALL, People regarding the REAL FACTS... real facts. We agree with you completely. The BJP has proved that all the emotions it had shown during election campaigning was after all just clever strategies for grabbing power. Once in power, they have turned a deaf ear to all of the people's problems. People are feeling let down and cheated. We need to change this system of apathy and wrong governance. We need to bring Swaraj, and give back the power to the people. There is still a long way to go. We need to remain together and fight till we achieve our goal of making WOMEN & CHILDREN SAFE, in, India & Also CORRUPTION FREE..... corruption free, and bringing Swaraj to life. If you wish that Your Sister, Wife, Mother & Children should have SAFETY IN LIFE THEN DO SHARE & REPLY WITH YOUR THOUGHTS & iDEAS TO PM, Mr. N. Modi at www. RTI is the most powerful weapon we have to fight corruption.This is what our movement was born to do -- fight for the people and issues that have no one else standing up for them....We agree with your views. The BJP government is sending wrong signals by inducting wrong people into its cabinet. Also, it is taking decisions which can seriously damage the environment. We are committed to protest against the injustice, and to work to establish Swaraj. Your support and belief in us makes us strong enough to face every hurdle in this fight for Swaraj. Arise - Awake,, STOP NOT - Till the GOAL is Reached. -------------------------->> & DO SHARE & WRITE BACK YOUR REPLY AND IDEAS ....

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