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Save The Indian River Lagoon

I went to Florida last year to chase the presidential debates. We flew into Miami, which I wasn't much a fan of, but then rented a car and drove down across the Keys. That was as close to magic as I've seen, nature having overwhelmed the surrounding landscape, people only just popping over the thrush. I haven't been to the Indian River Lagoon, but Ethan [the campaign organizer] tells a good story that should be listened to. All I ask is that you take the time to read through his case, and if it's something that appeals to you, get involved and help.

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Lobby The Cites Secretariat & The 178 Member Parties

I'm not a big animal guy. I mean, I love a good dog bouncing about, but I'm not exactly the armchair activist who wants you to keep your teeth off the meat. That said: I grew up in and about sub-Saharan Africa. Most of my childhood memories involve driving through wildlife reserves with a drunk [and jovial] father at the wheel. I remember having a Rhino chase down our car, and my mother screaming as we reversed at full tilt along a bumpy dirt road. I remember being freaked out when an elephant stopped to stare into our window because my dad was making wild cow noises. I remember being even more bothered when that one elephant turned into nine. We have a responsibility to see this nature preserved for future generations. I loved my childhood, and others should have the same opportunity to mis-remember the magic. This is my stand; join in.

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Give a [email protected] about nature, plant 5,000 trees!

Rampant deforestation across the globe threatens the stability of local communities and the biosphere. Let's band

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#AskBuck to Allow STOP Act to be Heard in House Armed Services [email protected]

The Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that over half a million veterans have now experienced military sexual

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