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Give All Oif/Oef Veterans Equal Access To Medical Benefits

The campaign for me starts with the process of initiating wars itself. 1. What is truth and lies and propaganda? 2. Who benefits from these wars? 3. Do we have the tools and funds to stage a war with all of its implications especially taking care of our wounded and dead veterans - for the long term (30-60 years?). 4. What has been the U.S. track record since Vietnam? 4. Who is held accountable in this country if we are mislead, lied to or is the standard "Just too tough it out" good enough? Conclusion: No wars in this Country should be started without our political leaders in the Executive and Congress and all Generals send all their own children, grand children and great grand children into the frontlines throughout the duration of every war. I might add all military industrial complex contractors will have to do the same. Wars will not be profitable for any and all corporations, military brass or politicians entering wars... Until the Veterans of all wars demand these changes - the continues abuse and misuse of our rank and file will continue. Guess how many serviceman and women will be saved from death and injury? Almost 99%. Btw: Obama and Shinseki were the first to push and shove the DOD to include what was for years considered non-recognized combat duty illnesses. Unfortunately historically democrats ALWAYS pushed for more veterans benefits while republicans pushed when it was convenient. ..

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