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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

I am the senior administrative assistant in charge of billing, six years ago the older members retired and were replaced by a new breed. We took a survey and they do not feel seniority has any bearing in a workplace and there should be all new employees. Our office the newest member ran the campaign for a new big boss in the office and convinced the board to hire her friend she grew up with. He is never there, but wants the older employees to stick to a strict lunch period and be off the premises and go directly home for the night by 4:30PM; his secretary one of the newest stays late and she can wonder about town. I am not allowed break time, and I have been told I must wear "my business face - no laughter in the workplace" at all time. HIs secretary is always laughing and having fun. I like what I do, but little by little my responsibilities are being shifted to other less senior employees. Bullying is rampart. And it is EVERYWHERE not just my office. Needs to be address seriously.

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