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Help The Taiji Dolphins

We all started as animals, and as it was said in "7 Years in Tibet" by a Priest who was helping to build an air field runway, and was respectfully carrying buckets of "warms" to the side of the field when questioned by a European who thought this was a needless waste of time, responded "Could have been your mother in another life!" We live in the country now, and derive great pleasure from wildlife spotting on the side of the road when it is still standing. There is an unspoken agreement out here, that lights flashing from cars means that deer, or ducks or something alive is in jeopardy on the road. Most folk understand and slow down to be cautious, which is a lovely thing to see. Thank you for being an animal lover, and for participating in this campaign. And a hearty HELLO! to those of you whom I know only on line, your photos and messages bring you into reality to me. Have a great day. I am loving our cool and crisp weather. Now I must go back and try to reconstruct that awkward first sentence!

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