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Prof. Shahin is currently CEO of DMC International Group since 94. he was named one of the 100 Most Influential Industry Innovators by Tech magazine y 2006.

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According to the Old Testament, Israel is the calls came from the name of the prophet Jacob, son of Isaac, who is the second son of Abraham (the eldest son Ismail is the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad), which is the ancestor of all the prophets of the monotheistic religions Jewish, Christianity and Islam. We told by the Bible that Abraham is not a resident of Palestine natives (the Canaanites) was born in "Ur" in southern Iraq, emigrated to Palestine to escape from the oppression of his people, and have housing and believers of his people, who emigrated with him in the south of Palestine in the land granted to Abraham by the King "Al-Sadik" king of the land of Canaan (Palestine), which was the capital of his kingdom called "Ur Salaam" in the Aramaic language (Canaanite). Claim that the children of Israel (the Jews) that the land of Palestine was without a people and that this land had been granted to them by the Lord as they claim, a false claim that he exposed the Bible in all its parts (read Genesis, the book of Numbers ... Leviticus) that confirms the historic right since thousands of years for the people of Palestine from the Canaanites on the entire land of Canaan, and that the Jews did not have a political presence on the land of Palestine, only to intermittent period of not more than 700 years and in only parts of that land (the kingdom of Samaria in the north and its capital, "Shechem" the kingdom of Judah in the center of Palestine and its capital is the capital of the Kingdom of the Canaanites, "Ur Salaam" (Jerusalem now). So, by all norms and facts, and despite the fraud and obscure facts that worked on the World Zionist family as usual, the Palestine is the right of the Palestinian people, the Canaanite, the owner of this land thousands of years before the Jewish According to the recognition of the Bible.

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