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Pledge To Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

I know first hand what it is like to suffer from mental, & some physical abuse, as a child, & early teen, I am 50yrs. old and to this day it still effects my life, I know why I have certain phobias, which to some people, would never understand, or think was ridiculous but as a child, the fear was a big thing for my little mind to handle, that is why I feel so strong against any type of abuse, Children should feel safe & protected, not living in fear for themselves, siblings, their Mommy or even their Daddy which so many times when it comes to a man, its kept silent, out of humiliation, who would believe the small framed woman gave her stocky built husband, a black eye, or busted lip, & do you realize how hard it would be for a man to say, MY WIFE, OR GIRLFRIEND BEATS ME, and if he did speak out, 9 times out of 10 the law would side with the women, So I am against any type of abuse, whether its a child [who I would defend with my life] or a woman, a man, & last but not least ANIMALS, sincerely Becky B.

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