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Deny The Black Rhino Hunt Permit

This campaign means a lot to me. Today the Western Black Rhino is already Extinct. Cannot a few of these beautiful Animals be translocated to other safer countries ? eg. The Okeefeenokee Wild Life Refuge should be a safe haven,in Florida. Australia should also be a very suitable country.Queensland could be ideal.The climate is favourable. The goverments of those countries having the Black Rhinos must enact stricter laws against the poochers. Death penalty must be given to the poachers. China must be made strictly accountable.They are to blame 100%. To put pressure on China an import ban on all their products should be enforsed if possible.Even a 20% ban on some of their important items will suffice. They are trying to gain support for the next Winter Olympics. This should or may be given if they take a 100% action on all the manufacturers of this traditional medicine,which they say increases sexual enhancement. Prison sentences from minimum 10 to 15 years will deter the illegal import of Rhino Horns. Do the people not know that their are wonder drugs like VIagra now. ''JAI HIND !'' Buddhadev Baruah.

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