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Demand Animal Planet Require Animal Abuse Monitors On Set

God told us We are the care takers of all His creatures . PERIOD. Now, let us live up to His command . I have Animal Planet on my tv 90% of the time . I have long been disturbed by "Ernie's" frantic approach to " catching " wild critters . He TERRORIZES these poor creatures !! ( He could learn ALot from Tia Maria Torres ) thank you for finally putting this out there for us to be able to chime in on this upsetting show . I pray changes will be made . As for Animal Planet ... Know this ( producers ) you can fool some of the people some if the time ... You know the rest . We have put our collective Trust in this channel .. We can Just as easily Withdraw it !!! This Really feels like a Betrayl . We Are Watching What A. P. does Next . This show Can be Removed from the line-up !

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