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Get South Korea To Stop Burning Dogs And Cats Alive

It is barbaric and causes the rest of the civilized world to always group Seoul, South Korea which in most aspects could be called a thriving metropolitan city, into the group of poor starving, ignorant, third world countries who have no other resources for food. To burn these poor helpless, doomed animals to a fate worse than death and on the city streets certainly has changed the way I look at Seoul and I was born there but got out in 1963. I am ashamed that the government who wants to be progressive and compete in a capitalist market would allow this to continue. In conversations while growing up and still today, if you are in a group of friends and someone brings up Seoul or Korea in general, sure enough someone is going to make a joke or get angry that Korea is the land where they baroque live dogs and cats on the sidewalks for the Korean's midday snack. Not funny but it is true. It does make South Korea sound like another impoverished third world country that has no respect for life -- Human or not. I am ashamed.

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