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Oppose The Dark Act Denying Your Right To Know

I have not heard of the DARK Act, but I can say that I do not approve of genetically modifying food at this point. Not in agriculture, as much, but horticulture. I can tell you that, already, outside of genetically modifying food, homogenization is smashing not only the countryside but the species themselves. You look at Nebraska, for instance- or various spots in any state here- and what do you see? Fields of the same crop. No different species, just a one. and I don't care how many they're growing in the next state. As long as our vegetables/vegetable products are homogenized, every other transgression against nature is amplified. So if you want to spray your plants with pesticides/rodenticides, you're fucking things up even WORSE than had you been doing it without homogenization. If you're genetically modifying HOMOGENIZED food, well, hey... I do not approve.

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