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Remove Animal Hate From Facebook

i've listened to people share, "i'm a cat person," and typically i respond, "i used to have a cat," or, "i love all animals." maybe i ought to ask: what does that mean that you're a cat person? you don't like dogs? you've only lived with cats? my neighbor kicked my dog in the head last year. he cut his face. he has a dog himself. so even dog people can hate dogs. kicking anything is not an act of compassion. in doing so he taught my dog that people will fight with him. now my dog hates him. so hate is no good. it's not peaceful. it solves nothing. it causes pain. while he was repeatedly kicking at my dog, i felt his rage released. it triggered my ptsd to witness it. at the dog park, people don't accept anyone kicking any dog. i worked at the dog park for three years. so i've witnessed a few humans kicking dogs. instantly, the public is in an uproar. mean pit bulls come from cruel dog kicking guardians. raising them to fight. people who love dogs would never put a dog into a dog fight. so, get rid of i hate dogs from fb. hate afterall is a state of mind that promotes aggression and abuse. people who commit hate crimes have a long journey of recovery because people are very judgmental of them. lets not recruit more haters with facebook.

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