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Address America's Unsustainable National Debt

Finnish Jyrki Katainen is the new Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness. - Well, well - this is very promising indeed! He criticized Greece a lot, then he was mismanaging Finland into bad economic shape (adopting the path of Greece) ... then he threw in the towel and got a super job in Brussels. The tax paradise guy Junker (his good friend) had promised him a super job. Victoria Grant is so right with her speech, see bellow! Bankers and politicians think only about themselves and know the jargon to enslave others for their super salaries and pensions. In Finland municipal work is done by 440 000 "welfare" officials. It is estimated that this amount of people would be sufficient for the needs of 20 million people. Finland although is home to only about 5,4 million people, so lets do the rough but illustrative math: 20/5 = 4, 440 000 divided by 4 makes 110 000, further 440 000 minus 110 000 makes 330 000 civil servants who could be distinguished from their posts and fiscal resources, - and the savings in taxes would be staggering. It is just a matter of the time and Mr. Jyrki Katainen, the European Commission Vice-President, responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs, orders from Brussels Finland to reduce its over blown public sector. - And soon the national debt would be gone for ever, unless the greedy banking sector discovers new "tools" to keep our and other nations in debt (see bellow Victoria Grant's speech). State of Finland has 80 000 employees, among them tens of thousands of idle. Our "welfare officials" earn better than Finland's entrepreneurs, they also wish to be retired early to speed up the bankruptcy of our country then indeed soon this unethical opportunistic "model country" is in the state in which it cannot repay the debts it owes to the creditors.

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