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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

why is it everytime something comes up in the united state the first thing out of Washingtons mouth is let's take it away from the military? It seems funny how on T.V. the president and the Vice president talk all there crap how they support the military. What a lot of B.S.. Then you take this sorry called congress and they don't pay for medical and give there self's raises when everyone is in bed behind the country's back and have marshals escort them to work and home after work, but then complain they can' t afford 2 houses but yet get all there benefits free_____ and want to screw the troops. That whole bunch isn't nothing but a bunch of s___. And what bad it's all the party's involved. They talk a lot of crap on t.v. but behind closed doors there having a hoe down and love every bit of it because they just screwed the Americans again. Why do we need a military? So the government can give million to these other country's and believe it or not we don:t owe these other country's nothing. But the good ole pres and his tribe just keep giving our country away and it all starts with Reid and California bunch . When they made the statement about the united states had to much land and the united states needed to give some up and then all this bringing in all these other countries in and of course let's give them aid,,,, It's free but the free does not come out of there money because they are exemp on everything. Please! Why is it that the American people can't wake up. This country does not need no more of what we got and damn sure do not need no more of the 4 . We have had due to they are in bed with each other just like congress and senate is. Need to get rid of the whole bunch from top to bottom and start over. This country could be out off trouble if we stopped supporting ever country. We been supporting these country's for fifty years and longer and there no better today than they were 50 years ago. People we don't owe the nothing. Let take care of our country first and then think maybe a bout the other country's. We did not put the other country's in trouble because they been in trouble many many years on there own. We can't support the world who by the way has no use for us anyway but we give them everthing they want why? I spent 29 years in the service and it make me sick to see how this country has gone down the tubes and you can thank your political bunch in office.

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