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Pledge To Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

My ex husband was emotionally, sexually and physically abusive to me. The emotional abuse was the worst. It stripped me of every ounce of confidence I had in myself. We ended up divorced. Then he went after custody of our children and the courts let him have custody. He then proceeded to use our children as weapons to further the abuse. The children are now adults and have many issues because of this. I am now and advocate for others going through this. I've had no formal education, just what life has taught me. I pledge to help as many women and children as I can and to share my story to spread awareness. These women and children need our help, they need our voices until they're strong enough to be their own voice for themselves and others. It's sad to say, but I think we all know someone who's been through domestic violence. Please take this pledge to be their voice.

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