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Gena, a mother of two, street outreach specialist for nearly 10 yrs. & Human Services Major with a 3.0 GPA. Call when the show is LIVE @ 1(347)327-9517.

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Justice For Sandra Bland!

She was a human being that never will get to see her family again... The circumstances surrounding her death most likely unimaginable to think about. She was a fighter true, she spoke against police brutality and in this video she is clearly hurt but aware of what her possibilities to come out of this alive, as she was grateful for the person who was here to film this incident. As one of her last addresses to the public she urged us of the importance of technology and how we can use it to end the cover up of officers who are over zealous to use force even on an unarmed woman. My heart goes to her family and I am greatly sadden by this... I too have brought light to corruption in the city level concerning our civil service workers which range from parking enforcement to law enforcement and its unlawful and sometimes deadly results. Many of us in our daily lives wake up and prepare for the day's journey, be it work or school with the mindset that they will return, never does anyone think that they will be stop on a traffic violation, be taking from their safe haven only to end up dead without answers for their families as to the reason, please send up prayers for Mrs. Blands family tonight and adhere to their cry for JUSTICE... Love you all.

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