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Close Our Borders Now. Build The Wall.

While we leave GOD and HIS SON out of the equation, the military is all that we have left to protect our country from the enemies of the world, millions living right here and those who would like to come in and take over, stop the army coming in from the South. We have millions of our own who are hungry that we cannot feed. Send those back who have already shoved their way in and put "LOCKS ON THE GATES" We do not need any more of their criminals, we already have our own plus millions of theirs that have already barged in. If we had not kicked GOD out HE would help us to feed the entire world but since we no longer have HIM, there is no way that we can support USA and Mexico. Of course many of us know that the man who was sent in to take over and act as president is at the head of this "proposed take over" and the most of us who even care sit back and expect someone else to put a stop this treason against America. We must stop them at the border!!!

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