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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

I have all ways belive that we need to begin our day at school with the Pledge of Allegiance To The United States Of American) so our kids & crandchirlden,can past it on down it doesn"T need to ever beforgot!!!!!! we did this first thing when I went to school, & it made me proud to be A AMERICAN) & said I had gradfaths &uncles & brothers & so on that fought for our Country,all the kids need to know what their Fathers are having to leave then for,maybe we"ll have that Peace on Earth" someday/ the MILITARY & VETERANS ! donot get the credit they shoud for all they do for AMerican !!!!& Countrys that we don"t even now why we are letting our men die for !!!!!! (JUANITA Grisham

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