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I am an Avid Activist and nothing brings me more happiness than righting a wrong, and doing the right thing❣.. I adore all genres of music, poetry & dance.

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Remove Offensive Language From New Mexico State Vehicles

This Campaign matters to me so very much because growing up with a terribly cruel father who would encourage me, and most times threaten me bodily harm if I did not participate in torturing small animals such as birds, throwing them out of their nest after just hatching leaving them there to die. physically abusing every puppy, or kitten I ever had, and making me participate or I would be kicked, or thrown across the room which happened a few times due to my refusing to join him in his drunken madness, etc. I remember once when he had taken me to the beach, and told me to gather up all the snails I could find. When I asked why, he said we were going to play a game.. Well, I did what he said primarily out of fear, and I was only seven years old at this time. As I brought up a bucket filled with a little over a dozen snails he had started a fire on a grill, and with whiskey bottle in hand.. As usual, he told me to place them on the grill. Again I asked why but this time I received a backhand to my mouth, and tasted blood!.. His reply was, "Because I told you to mouthy bitch!".. I picked myself, and the snails up out of the sand and did as he told me to do. We stood there for what seemed at least almost twenty minutes, and he said while drinking, and laughing.. "Now just watch this!" "Those little bastards are going to try and crawl out to escape but we are going to burn them alive!".. I was horrified, and started to cry receiving another blow but this time to the side of my head with his fist!.. So I shut down emotionally at that very moment. I became numb. I stood there and watched these poor little creatures try to escape from their shell only to be burned to death alive, and I could even hear them making a tiny squealing sound, which made me so sick to my stomach, as my father drank, and laughed!.. When I was nine years old my father drowned my kitten "Cali" which was short for Calico. She was only a little less than eight weeks old, and very fragile. We lived in a trailer with a very large pond behind it, and he had been drinking, sitting there behind the trailer with a bottle of whiskey between his legs calling for my "Cali".. Next thing I heard was a loud splash, and her cries for help which will forever haunt me for the rest of my life!.. Then I heard him laughing maniacally, and shining this huge flashlight out over the water still laughing just to watch her drown!.. I remember crawling into my closet with my hands over my ears, and sobbing uncontrollably screaming.. "Why Daddy!?" "How could you have done that to me and the only thing I loved in this world so much!?".. Finally, what seemed to be endless was over in a matter of approximately 10-15 minutes. Even through my sobs, and screams I could hear "Cali" crying out, and trying to swim for her life while my father watched and laughed!.. I lived with his cruelty until I was twelve years old when my parents finally divorced but the damage had already been done, and was irreversible!.. That is why I am so very passionate about keeping children, wildlife, animals safe to a fault!.. I cannot stand to see anyone, or any animal suffer!.. I automatically go back to that little girl, and to be honest.. I lose it!.. It's as if I am on auto pilot, and just cannot stop that trigger in my head that snaps!.. I believe many of these children perform these horrendous acts to please their parent/parents, or like me are coerced, threatened and intimidated!.. I broke those chains. That cycle of violence, and ignorance, so I would raise my son to be a compassionate, loving human being!.. We all have our own motivations for chasing these causes as we do. This is my motivation, and will always be until I cross over to the other side.. ❤¸.•*¨¸¸.•¨¯`•¸.•´❤Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing... ღ‿ღ Start From The Heart ღ‿ღ

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