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Tell The Usda To Stop Dow Chemical’s "Agent Orange" Crops

Because having the same people that produced agent orange have no business in food of any sort. All they know is how to destroy foliage. and people's lives. We have to go back to when the food was safe to eat. Now, we don't even know if any of the meat is safe. Either it's been contaminated with ecoli or it's been injected with some growth hormones or some other antibiotic so that the scientists have to come up with stronger and stronger antibiotics to kill the infections produced by this kind of nonsense. I am so tired of the way things are going. Most people can't live on a farm and grow their own food or have their own livestock to make sure that the food we're eating won't kill us. What are we to do? We have jobs in the food business but the people that work there are trying to cut corners to have a greater profit margin. It's so awful to think about. Why can't owners not do business that is not dangerous? It's just so awful to think about. If we actually thought about what is done to our food, we wouldn't even want to eat anything. I sure understand those who don't eat meat at all, but the trouble is, the vegetables aren't any safer.

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