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  • florida
    Scott Adams

  • go_green
    Wesley LittleSr

    I am the founder of Jubilee Family Outreach expanding to help veterans and families with many issues. Show your support by signing. Thanks!!!

  • heal_haiti
    Nancy Lockhart

    I'm a legal analyst specializing in issues of grave injustices and the wrongfully convicted. I'm passionate about obtaining positive results for the voiceless.

  • domestic_violence
    MrsFalsely Incarcerated

    I was wrongfully convicted in 1995, 21 years of incarceration I wasn't able to raise my son or hear my mothers voice before she passed in 2008 from cancer.

  • domestic_violence
    Betty Gallacher
  • animal_abuse
    Ronald Killebrew

    We fight for the downtrodden, ostracized , stigmatized , poor, and all those locked out of the mainstream society . We are proud social activists . We educate.