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Clean Up The Oceans

Friends and family please sign this petition and help us clean up the Ocean. We as a society of humans occupy 25% of the planet which is land, the other 75% is the Ocean and is belongs to our companions the sea world. For some reason we have manage not only to contaminate our 25% of land, but also the Oceans. Now, it is our responsibility to clean up what we have contaminated. Please lets be part of the solution now before is to late. Lets do our part by signing this petition, recycling, minimize the use of plastics, stop using plastic bags and plastic water bottles.

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Reduce The Use Of Plastic Bags.

Please sign this petition and help us reduce the amount of garbage and plastic that is polluting the planet and endanger our way of living. We all have to do our part not only reducing the use of plastic and other things that will take the planet years and years to dissolve, but also spreading the information to educate everybody on the subject.

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