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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

I strongly believe that hunting Canned hunting , auctioned hunting ..or any hunting of wild life should be banned unless it is for the table . In particular the Big 5 , Polo Bears. Black and grizzly bears , cheetah, kudu, giraffe, badgers, wild boar, whales, sharks, And any other wild life that may be close to extermination . Hunters who get Adrenalin kicks from hunting should destroy there rifles and tele sites and start to use and shoot wildlife with a camera and telephoto lenses in this way they can share their experiences with all and not be named and shamed . Further more I detest seeing idiotic hunters smiling and posing around a animal that they have shot . hunting organisers or hunting organisations or game lodges offering hunting should be closed down . Finally all airlines should not accept any hunting rifles or related equipment as cargo from anyone including passengers and all rifles that are transported would need to be cleared by customs who can stop hunting rifles from entering the country .

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