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I currently work in a voluntary capacity as an advocate supporting individuals against injustice. Formerly a councillor on Birmingham City Council i left the Labour Party and joined the Socialist Labour Party led by Arthur Scargill who fought against Thatcher's attack on working people. I have three beautiful grandchildren and I want to see them grow up in an unpolluted world where human values prevail over greed and injustice.

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John Tyrrell

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Mordechai Vanunu’s Case In The Court Of Public Opinion

When I visited Palestine/Israel in 2004 Vanunu was incarcerated in isolation. Later that year he was let out of prison but held in Israel against his will Mordechai is opposed to nuclear weapons and power. His concerns have proved to be correct. Over 20,000 supported his cause but Israel has failed to listen. The media and world leaders have failed to show initiative in this injustice, even though President John F Kennedy was concerned about Israel's secret nuclear capacity. Vanunu gave his story to the Sunday Times in the UK following which he was illegally forced to return to Israel when kidnapped in Italy. It is long over time for his release and for his human rights to be restored,

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