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Walmart & Family, How they are cheating the layman,How people become addicted to Walmart !How Why ? Hare is a piece of information I want to share ,As of this day,more of people seen in Platoons,Malls , Wal-Mart Etc Etc. Have anyone of us given a thought as to where will it lead us in future ? The Farmers ,so to say .Some 20 years back i remember vegetable cart rolling in front of our house . Such was the rapport between vegi & Byers they each know about each other family. They way the enquiry about each other family welfare bargaining & getting fresh Vegetables.Now take for Milk either Cow or Buffalo will come to your Home directly with their man.Now a days it is rarely seen of such luxury ! Now back to Walmart First we get our products cheap .either Vegetables,or milk or for that matter, Anything & everything cheap & Cheap .Slowly & steadily the will separate the two,Buyer & local Seller , Now even before we know we are in Walt-Mart trap .Yes this is as true as we are living to breath.This is the time when the Walt-Mart will use their strategies as to hike the price to double fold & treble fold.Now do we have choice except to buy the product as there will be no more local vendors for us waiting with fresh Vegetables ,All are perished except the Wal-Mart.So kindly join me in my cause 1 , to fight this walmart away & Save Farmers Save us. Blessings to all .

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