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Save Angel The Baby Albino Dolphin

I started this campaign because ,one of my nice friend asked me to help the cause so I dropped what I was doing because my friend wouldn't ask me to sign this portion for just any thing so I new it was bother some to him it must be bad so I went right to the portion and was horrified of what these people are doing to an Angel baby dolphin they are rare all white so we must also help the rest of the dolphin's .I asked to top facials to please put a stop to this ,the sea runs red with dolphins' blood so thy can become men a real man would never do this. First they hurt them then they begin slaughtering them by the hundreds and they probable don't even eat the meat so please take a minute out of your time to save at least one and dolphins like humans for the most part so PLEASE HELP NOW we have to save what is left or any more coming in Thank You , your heart will good tonight and God will bless you !

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