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Nobody Touch The Dog

we have to develop compassionate action and feeling for all sentient beings. seeing that picture of the dog being prepared to being killed and eaten. I wanted to take it home. please consider why this is imperative to all sentient beings. we have to stop degrading ALL. think about exactly what ALL means. perhaps a nun or a lama would care to join in with understanding.

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Thanks @SKBrianLewis @brigmccoy @MSTJustice for fighting #MilitarySexualAssault [email protected]

For the past few weeks, Protect Our Defenders Advocacy Board members have been tireless in their efforts to bring the

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Protect Our Defenders wants to

Thank You @SenGillibrand @clairecmc @SenatorBoxer for the #MSThearing [email protected]

Yesterday the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military.

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