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Tell Bumble Bee Tuna To Stop Killing Sharks

why you kill them its so important the ocean is their home like we as humans have the land as our home the Shark is for some families in the world of the Pacific there relationsship with their Aumakua (their ancestoror God) so be respectful for the culture of other people For me I respect others so be not only nice do something dont kill them its so wrong i know you make money ,but money is not everything,infact money distroy a lot So i count on you be respecrful to the ocean we as Humans need the ocean but the ocean need us to respect the ocean and all whats lived in the ocean all the animal sharks belong their its their HOME I count on all off you in this worlMahalo-Maruru-Kiora Thanks-TrimaKasih-Danke-Dank je wel for your time....Aloha A Hui Hou Amatoooooooooo Pualani MaksoerElla Di Waisamu Nusa Ina

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