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My father-in-law, Simon J. Epstein, who died last December at the age of 95 was a victim of a fraud committed by a woman much younger. She was young enouh to be his daughter, really his granddaughter. The woman who committed this fraud died earlier this year of breast cancer. Part 1 of 2 parts. Let me at the outset say I am NOT INTERESTED in REHASHING the CASE and. therefore, I will not name any names or give great details about what happened. I am only naming my father-in law, Simon J. Epstein, a World War II veteran of the Battle of the Bulge. The woman who took care of him, was young enough to be his daughter and actually his granddaughter. She died earlier this year, so I am not going to name her or give great details about the case. Sufficient to say that before he died last December she went through $100,000 of his money. My sole interest in discussing this case is to get both state of Nevada and federal legislation to prevent future such frauds. We had lost our home in Fontana, CA to a fraudulent loan by a company that way overstated our income. Because of our poor financial situation we were unable to file a guardianship because we could not get Pro Bono help. A contested guardianship is complex and time consuming, therefore, any free help is just about impossible to get. In part 2, I am going to discuss solutions to fully protect veterans against potential abuses by both professional caregivers as well as family caregivers.

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