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Nobody Touch The Dog

Healthy food is happy food. We in Britain have learnt that healthy food comes from animals which have been cared for, not just given good food to eat whilst alive but good living conditions too. Battery hens are frowned upon because the cramped conditions in which they are kept is stressful to the birds, therefore creating unhealthy animals. I have no right to tell another nation what they may or may not eat, but I can object to how animals in general are "farmed" in other countries and I object strongly to the manner in which the Chinese "farm" the dogs, and cats, destined to be eaten. I have seen horrific pictures of both species "crammed" into wire cages so that they cannot move and are obviously traumatized, or being hurled alive into vats of scalding water to die an horrific death. I would object to this kind of treatment towards cattle, it is far harder to ignore it when it is being given to creatures which we in Britain are used to seeing in our homes as treasured members of our families.

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