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Childrens Rights Florida

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Secret Courts In Florida - Judicial Watch

Children's Rights
Judges in Florida have for years created secret dockets to hide the court cases of the rich and famous and now the state’s Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to end the unorthodox practice that he calls un-American. Broward County, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Several counties throughout the state have a so-called secret judiciary, but…Read More
Giving full authority to one parent over the other does not and cannot work. It instantly devalues that parent and teaches the child to do the same. And as the poll question states, if both parents are fit and loving and thinking of the best interest of their child, then there would be no need for a “parenting” schedule in the first place.…Read More

In the event that two capable and caring parents divorce, is it better for the children to spend most of their overnights in one of the parent’s homes, with limited visitation by the other parent, or should the children spend an approximately equal number

Divorce Corp
A letter to a future daughter-in-law, possibly my own: A few years from now you’re probably going to want to marry my son. Perhaps you already do; he’s kind of hot (if I’m allowed to notice) and his potential is quite obvious, if I do say so myself. He’s only twenty, handsome and well built, and when he lets is hair grow long it’s thick and…Read More
There should be an exam and standards for judges.We live in an era where you can test and measure almost anything. Here are my suggested standards: 1.Proficiency in Elementary school math. Some one with 3 years of education beyond college should be able to add up a column of numbers correctly and divide correctly in 1/2. My judge made a $600,000…Read More
Unlike in most court cases, family courts have no jury. This leaves the outcome of each case completely at the discretion of the judge, thereby subverting our basic civil liberties. In general, it seems that judges are unwilling to explicitly specify whether mothers or fathers are the preferred parents, with the exception of the situation when…Read More

Should Custody Law Be Abolished?

Law Blogs
In a previous blog post I explained why custody designations still matter, in terms of their impact on legal rights. The bigger question behind that one is: Should custody labels still matter? To put it another way: Has the time come to relegate the whole concept of custody of children to the scrap heap of history? The United Nations Convention…Read More
*Please note: Although the article's author writes in the context of the mother being the alienating parent, this very sad phenomenon can be carried out equally effectively by either father or mother.

Parental Alienation: Navigating the Court System, Part 1

Shrink 4 Men
In Dr. T’s recent article about Parental Alienation, she notes that the behaviors of one parent teaching children to hate the other parent have not typically been recognized in courts as a legitimate diagnosis or syndrome. Indeed, much controversy swirls around the very mention of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). Since no DSM criteria exists…Read More
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