Parent's Rights

This is a Call to Action! Everyone must join together to stop the Abuse of Children by Unlawful CPS Interference and Strengthen our Families. There is an epidemic spreading across the world. In the U.S., federally funded state agencies, such as Child Protective Services, have began removing children from good homes with loving parents, without due cause, solely to gain more federal funds and bonuses. Children are being placed in much worst homes and circumstances than they ever had to experience in their nature parent's care. Brothers and sisters are being split apart and whole families broken and torn apart, with no one and nowhere to turn to for help because the perpetrators hide, distinguished as a protection agency. I urge everyone to please help in this cause before it happens to your family. Google and Youtube "CPS Corruption," "Legally Kidnapped," or "CPS Stole my kids." There are hundreds of crying parents and sites dedicated and desperately looking for help