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Demand Justice For Moon! Be Her Voice!

PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND PUT THIS P.O.S. AWAY FOR THE LONGEST TIME POSSIBLE (I wish that it could be a life sentence) !!!! Please read the story of poor, innocent MOON, look at the picture and see what this evil excuse of a "human" being has done to this poor, innocent, defenseless and sentient baby. The pain of his burns must be excruciating :'( The horrific and brutal scalding of this poor Baby deserves as long a sentence in jail as possible. Do it also for the children he could possibly abuse and the people he might murder, because "people" who abuse animals will also do it to other people. It has been estimated that at least 90% (I think it's probably 100%) of serial killers were previous animal abusers :'( God bless little MOON and please let his emotional wounds heal quickly along with his physical ones :'( <3

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