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Nobody Touch The Dog

Dogs are very in tuned with humans. They have great hearts and souls and bring love and joy into our lives. They deserve to be protected from this cruel and inhumane treatment. It is horrifying to me to think that any of my five dogs could have been born into a country where humans do not perceive their value and delight and would harm them and mistreat them in such a horrifying way. We are all stewards of the creatures on this planet and we are all responsible for this cruelty until it is wiped off the face of this earth! Dogs are the epitome of both innocence and love. They heal us from the pain and injury of the world and bring joy and comfort to us. How can we ever do such injustice to these lovely delightful companions? It is beyond the scope of my mind or heart to understand the actions of such people. Please act now to stop this from continuing even one, more, day!

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