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    Carla Johnson

    I am a very disable women i live in cronic pain daily,i force myself to try to walk with my walker and cane just around my apt.,i have sevire ostaroartharious in my knees,cannot have knee replacement because of the cronic pain i can't bend my knees at all,and the doctor said i have to be able to bend my knees to a 90degree angle,i don't understand that,i have been seprated now for 12yrs.,i am alone,i have my little dog ,he is a Shuh Tuz,one and ahalf yrs.,old,he is my baby,his name is jojo,i love him so much,and i have him very spoiled,he is my life,i use a scooter to get out about once or twice a mounth,i am so alone,but i love animals dearly and i cannot stand to see them get hurt,so i am fighting to Stop Animal Abuse,i need all the help i can get,i am on,please come and like or put your coments on my page,Stop Animal Abuse,i have had that page on there for about 2mounths now,and people just don't seam to have a heart,only 2people liked the page,there are a lot of people on and only 2 likes,those poor animals need our help,they give us so much love,you could at least let them know you care,show your heart you could be saveing a life,or another animal from being beating or starving to death,please speak up and help those that cannot help themselfs,the photos show the ugly way that some very sick people hurt our animals,it made me cry a lot in searching photos for my page,but i had to do it,so please just open your heart to them,God Bless the animals,Carla Johnson..