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Close Down I Hate Israel In Face Book

It matters because many people are not informed on the facts regarding the Israel -Hamas war. Israel values all life and mourns all death. Hamas craves death of its own people for propaganda purposes and jews because of pure hatred - a hatred entrenched in their holy book. Israel is obligated to protect its own citizens from a group whose stated aim is the annihilation of Israel - a democratic state where the principles of freedom and justice for all prevail. Israel never started this conflict or any of the other wars it has been forced into. The people of the areas known as Palestine deserve better leaders than their cowardly rich leaders. They deserve positivity and progress. Their children deserve to be educated and not inculcated into hate as their reason for being. In the same Israel deserves peaceful existence. Its people deserve the prosperity and freedom they have found via hard work. Israel wants peace. Hamas does not- they just want no Israel. Take the time to become informed , criticize Israel , but do not expect Israel to sit back and allow its children to be continuously traumatized by missile attacks, murdered by suicide bombers , and endure constant threats of death. Stand up for the truth. Stand up for Israel and help them destroy Hamas. Do not be swayed by the biased media - think- why would Israel want continual war?

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