Kat Dee's supporters

  • think_global
    Jan Vajda

    Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe, http://appearoo.com/JanVajda, email: [email protected]

  • support_troops
    Mercedes Frank

    Well who i am i stand up in what i believe in i stand up for all animals not jut one . I have become part of a growing team and proud of it ! Love of Animals !

  • Dawn Mello
  • animal_adoption
    Nicole Eidsmoe

    We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. Our mission is to rescue bully breed dogs who are the highest population in shelters and the first to be euthanized.

  • animal_abuse
    Teri Manolas
  • animal_rights
    Rosheen Rayburn

    I believe that we need to be the voice for the voiceless victims of animal abuse and to demand stronger laws and keep our eyes on prosecution.

  • animal_rights
    Lisa VanDyke
  • animal_rights
    Renee Ramsey

    I am, obviously, an Avid Animal Advocate, and Activist. Married, will be 13 years on Sept. 27th this year. ALL my furry family members are rescues.

  • Gary Gervais
  • dolphins_rock
    Kim Pitman
  • animal_adoption
    Carrie Ann Khaddour

    An Animal Lover.A Voice for the Voiceless,I LoveGOD/TRUTH.I Believe in Standing up for What is Right and against Injustice on any level Defending theDefenseless

  • animal_rights
    Julia Hood

    Animal lover. Need to spread awareness of the torture and abuse of Domiestic and farm animals and wild life alike.

  • animal_abuse
    Noble Canine Pets

    Lifelong Dog Lover. I work with dogs and have two websites all about dogs. One includes all the little creatures you can attract to your yard 2 create Habitat.

  • save_the_whales
    Sandy Stipp