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Free Vietnamese Blogger Dieu Cay

Organised main stream journalism is protected under law in nearly all countries and by now become imbedded with big interests and corrupt, legal regimes , while Blogging is a form of accurate, instantaneous and Indipedent Journalism but Unprotected Blogging gives us the chance to view issues from the insider's point of view . Unedited and raw can be an invaluable source of info. The brutal suppression of the Vietnamese bloger in guestion here validates the argument All corrupt or not authorities are trembling fearfully in front of the slightest criticism and react accordingly . It is the Duty of every human who respects hers-his-it's Dignity of mind to Resist by any means available any attempt to suppression or deviation of the pure ,factually proven truth. In Vietnam or in Uluru , our duty is global.!

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