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Boycott Beef, Pork, Lamb,Fish,Poultry,Egg & Dairy Industries

This campaign matters to me on a couple of levels. Livestock are responsible for much of the methane that is causing the greenhouse effect. Also it takes a lot of water to grow livestock, particularly corn. California is in its 4th year of a serious drought, and this year 's El Niño (cross my fingers) won't be enough to end the drought. If people adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet we could grow enough crops to save much of the people who are starving today. Even if people just start with Meatless Monday's it would make a big difference. There 's also a health component. A plant-based diet is a healthy diet. And, we should quit exploiting animals not only for food but the other ways we take advantage of animals: in circuses, Sea World and other forms of using animals for our own enjoyment. We also do not need to wear animals I.e. Leather, wool, and my down sleeping bag. And perhaps most of all, the meat industry is horribly cruel. These animals are raised in cruel conditions. These are intelligent beings who are just as deserving of quality of life as our pet dogs and cats. We're hypocritical when we criticize other countries for eating dog meat and bush meat, when our diet includes animals like pigs who are just as intelligent as our dogs. Not only are livestock raised in horrible conditions on factory farms, they are also treated cruelly at the slaughterhouse. They go through the process and they are not yet dead. A plant-based diet is the way to go for our own health, out of compassion for other sentient beings, and for our Mother Earth. Even just one meal or one day a week will make a big difference for everyone. Hugging Mother Earth, Dharmawolf

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