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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

This campaign means A LOT to me because we never know if our own children will be victims of sexual abuse... I really hope that never ever ever happen to anybody I know or anybody's children I know... Our children are too precious, they deserve to be loved not to be abused. Our children are so pure, why does sexual abuse has to exist? I know why, and that WHY is because there are very sick "human beings" (if we can call them as such) around us, and in their very rotten minds believe that abusing our innocents and pure children, will give them "pleasure"... How sick does that sounds to you? that's pretty fcked up right?! But now I will tell you what's even more sick than that: If we keep on ignoring this, if we keep on not doing anything about it, if we keep on thinking: Oh but 1 signature, my signature won't make any difference... Then let me tell you something: 1 Signature DOES make the difference! Every single signature matters, every single one of you can make the difference!! We can all make the difference! Please, as a mother I ask you this, Please let's make the difference before is too late! I know how bad it hurts... It hurst so much that even scares you on how bad we get to think in really "hurting" the human being that abused our child... I know all this because my precious daughter was sexually abused 4 years ago... You know that pain we feel sometimes that doesn't even let you take a deep breath? Well, I lived with that pain for 3 years, it sucked and hurt like never before in my life... And because I know how bad it hurt, I really wouldn't like another mum in the world had to go through that, unfortunately I know I was not the last mum in the world going through it, I know there are millions of innocent child being abused every day, very sadly we keep on "ignoring" or "keeping it quiet" or "let's just not talk about it now" or "sorry I have no time to read about it", how sad is that? Very sad indeed, but you know what? Yes we can change it right now!! Yes we can! And I think we must, we must acknowledge this situation! Because you never know who could be the next one!! I was part of that "Let's just not talk about it, because is just too horrible to think about it", but I was wrong!! We MUST talk about it, because it does happens every single day to million of innocent kids! Let's DO something about it today! Make your family and friends be proud of you for making the difference! I still believe that there are many many beautiful people out there who will take a couple of minutes to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! We can all help and be part of protecting our kids!! Everything helps, so starting with this Facebook change, WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Come on!! We have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to WIN! We can do it TOGETHER!! <3

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