Debora Wessel

I'm a breast cancer survivor of five years , & i got too close to home scared my sister who within a few days called me back & said how dare i bring bad news to her like i did ? so now I have no family? I only, am concerned to helping many who has, had past away/ join my cause because I do want to leave this earth knowing that i helped against the battle to stopping breast cancer forever! my sister ended up becoming angry and removed me from the family list. because my family said i brought bad news into their home by asking all females to go get checked asap! I'm a young & smart sweety so hey, join me in the fight against this deadly diease called breast cancer, I ended it by being so angry but not no more! I'm am women & I am strong! "Hear me roar". i have no children, and have gotten my attorney licence @ an early age. & have always been in the legal field for many years, today its been ok. i have strong friends, that call me family, I have worked in c.j. as, well & in between jobs, i do this..I have 3 dogs & 2 cats, my babies i call them. I love to help others & this is a perfect cause i could nevered thought i'd be into my own cause. I live in ca. & work in modeling jobs as well. I always find friends & I always, keep them for life. I'm a independent women in a complicated relationship but, we r working on it. My passion is to help, people from all walks of life. I love being a true friend so dear to my heart i have many facebook sisters & brothers.