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Urgent:Please Help Stop Forced Live Organ Harvesting From Falun Gong Practitioners In China Now!

It is untolerable! we, western people have a style of life that support this commerce: when we eat and consume anything regardless what we do to our body and without the interest of where it comes from, we need to change some of our organs to live longer and these organs may come from these peaceful people that not defend themselves. These spiritual people, Falun Gong practitioners, have found a place where they life is elevated. Does it means they have to be sacrified because they don't want to live in hell ! come on, it's not a donation ! it is the totalitarism of those in power that serve themselves from elses'bodies for the grid of money! and you can go in a chinas' clinic to buy and replace your organ that is defective. Where are our human values ?

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